Who We Serve

Who We Serve

Life Science Sales Teams Seeking to Continually Refine Their Skill Sets.

Sales Reps & Managers

We work with the front lines of sales teams to ensure they're provided with the unique skillsets they need to achieve successful outcomes in the field. By equipping sales representatives and sales managers with the up-to-date knowledge and refined skills they need to work beyond their sales scripts and create and continually improve customer relationships with their medical device and pharmaceutical customers.


Leaders of sales teams can access a unique array of mapped competencies, targeted to enhance both leadership skills and insight into some of the latest go-to market strategies. With courses that focus on everything from the fundamentals of coaching to strategic thinking, we are able to provide a wide range of outcomes that will increase success rates of sales teams from the top down.

Account Management Teams

When building relationships with C-Suite healthcare leaders, account management teams need a knowledge base that balances the skills of relationship building and market insight. In order to provide real, innovative outcomes for clients, account management teams must leverage a well developed business acumen to cater to each healthcare system's unique challenges. CMR Training programs can create a targeted learning plan that closes any knowledge gaps your team may have.

What Our Clients Say

“An expansion last year meant recruiting new-to-the industry individuals. CMR was the key to providing critical industry background knowledge. Having ready-made locked-and-loaded courses to marry to our current disease state and product materials made CMR an invaluable partner.”

— Dan Zimmerman, VP, Sales, Women’s Choice Pharmaceuticals