The vast majority of your hospital customers belong to at least one group purchasing organization (GPO). But do your sales reps really understand how GPOs provide a platform for hospitals and health systems to purchase the drugs and devices they need? And do they recognize the opportunities that may be available via GPOs, given the broad set of services that GPOs provide their members?

To help your account directors and other members of your sales team uncover these opportunities, CMR Institute has developed a new sales training resource on GPOs. Understanding GPOs is an eBrief designed to get your team quickly up to speed on the material they need to know most—from responding to RFPs to understanding the basics of contracting and purchasing (including chargebacks and rebates). It also explains how GPOs can be the conduit to help your team offer customized solutions to hard-to-reach hospital customers.

Medical Device and Pharmaceutical Sales Training on GPOs

Understanding GPOs answers a number of key questions that account directors and other members of the sales team have about GPOs and their customers. These questions include:

  • What are GPOs?
  • What services do GPOs offer to manufacturers, providers, and pharmacies as part of their business model?
  • Which are the dominant GPOs?
  • How do GPOs earn revenue?
  • How does the purchasing and contracting process with GPOs work?
  • What are some key terms used during GPO transactions?
  • What strategies can help sales teams build better relationships with GPOs and the providers that use them?

The eBrief also includes a list of questions that sales teams should be able to answer about GPO relationships with their provider customers.

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