Evidence Based Medicine (EBM) is a systematic, problem-focused approach to reviewing and evaluating clinical research and applying it to patient-centered decision-making.

Here’s why EBM is valuable.

  • EBM helps clinicians make more fully-informed patient care decisions, by combining current best evidence with their own professional experience and patient-centric focus.
  • EBM helps sales representatives become an informed trusted voice, by using current best evidence to connect their products’ key benefits to their clinicians’ information needs, prescribing patterns, and patient population.

Here's Why - Right Now -EBM Is More Valuable Than Ever

Why now? Consider some current COVID-19 consequences:

Now clinicians have less time to review more types of research about more therapeutic options…in order to solve more complex patient problems.

  • Having enough time to see patients now means zoom calls and emails, PPE preparation time, and new telemedicine billing codes.
  • Adding to information overload are pre-print, non-peer reviewed research, “real-world” evidence and computer models—now all considered alongside RCT findings.
  • FDA expedited approval options and EUAs are adding more new therapeutic choices.
  • Because of COVID, patients are deferring doctor visits and treatment regimens, and so face worsening chronic conditions with fewer financial resources.

Now representatives have less opportunity to make their case among more competing products.

  • Getting that foot in the door to call on clinicians has always been tough. But COVID has literally barred representatives from setting foot in clinics and hospitals.
  • Getting more than a few moments of a physician’s time is always a challenge. But now clinicians have less time than ever for even virtual detailing calls.

That’s why right now is a perfect time for CMR’s new, revised Applications of Evidence-Based Medicine modules.

EBM focuses on clinical trial design, research protocols, FDA approval processes, and clinical reprint components—core knowledge every sales representative needs. Applications of Evidence-Based Medicine provides clear, concise reviews of these critical processes and protocols—with new content reflecting the impact of today’s events.

What Is EBM And How Does It Work?

We define the EBM process and its benefits, history, current state, and future trends

  • With new content on emerging non-peer reviewed resources like grey literature, mega-journals and preprint servers

We review the FDA’s drug and medical device approval processes

  • With new content on FDA Expedited Approvals, new acceptance of real-world data and evidence (RWD and RWE), and postmarketing surveillance reporting systems

We review clinical trial protocols, and what determines a trial’s validity, importance, and clinical relevance.

We walk through the anatomy of a clinical reprint, flagging in each section what determines its validity and value.

We provide a step-by-step approach—complete with models, examples and practice exercises—to turn EBM into an effective sales strategy

  • With new content on e-detailing

How are your sales representatives perceived by the clinicians they hope to influence? EBM can help them be seen as an informed voice and reliable resource. Applications of Evidence-Based Medicine can be the key to that transformation. Let’s talk today about what your teams need to improve their effectiveness – and partnership – with their customers.

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