CMR Institute recently won the 2020 LTEN Innovation Award for our partnership with Bausch Health. Now you may be surprised that a company that has traditionally been known for our unbiased and unbranded off-the-shelf content could be an award-winning innovator for training in the life sciences industry.  This project represents the best of what CMR has to offer and how off-the-shelf content can be used in a variety of creative ways to bring real results.

Many times when we meet with potential clients and show them how we can incorporate customizable off-the-shelf content into their learning strategy and pull through the training with a variety of our blended learning resources they say things like, “wow, we didn’t know you could do that!”. If you are looking for a true learning and development partner, that doesn’t come with “consultant” costs, CMR Institute may be able to help.  Let’s take a look behind the scenes of the award-winning innovation program.

Thought Partnership + Customized Off-The-Shelf = Award Winning Innovation

The Bausch Health project was a true partnership; the teams worked closely together from program design to implementation and measurement. In the beginning, we spent time discovering what Bausch Health wanted out of a year-long Emerging Leaders program including their gaps and the organizational competencies and priorities they wanted to support.  We also understood their organization’s training landscape, and how our offerings would fit in and support their overall strategy. We were able to take that information and prepare a detailed curriculum map using several learning methods focused on 4 key areas: General Leadership Skills, Driving Performance, Coaching & Motivating and Leadership & Self-Development.

The foundation of the year-long Emerging Leaders program was our off-the-shelf leadership eLearning courses that are designed in microlessons.  We customized these to meet their needs for a global and cross functional audience (we make this process super easy, by the way) and then we added other custom blended learning resources to bring the program more fully to life.

We determined that adding on a short, related activity each month, along with a custom coaching guide for the cohort leaders would help drive engagement and pull through.  We also drafted monthly program emails for the learners that provided an outline of the months activities and how they tied to the overarching Bausch Health organizational priorities. Upfront, we knew that this program was going to be special and we wanted to capture those results, so we planned for pre- and post-assessments and a learner survey.

The Bausch Health team wanted a program that ran like a well-oiled machine and freed up their time to focus on more important activities instead of focusing on LMS management.  We provided their learners with easy access to our Learning Management System, took care of all student enrollments each month and supported any learner questions/technical issues.

Overall, utilizing off-the-shelf resources helped keep the Bausch Health team’s costs down and helped keep the timeline short.  We had our first discovery call to discuss the program mid-December and were able to kick-off the year long program in February. It is estimated that creating, delivering, and supporting this program internally would have cost the company 10 times the budget allocated for the program.  Plus, we think the results speak for themselves:

  • 23% Promotion rate for program participants
  • 100% of learners said they learned more about themselves and their management and leadership styles
  • 97% of learners said they increased their value to their customers, colleagues, and organization.
  • 94% of learners said they were better prepared to lead others in an effective, respectful, and engaging way.

Do You Need A thought Partner?

The beauty of CMR is that we will take the time to learn about your needs and brainstorm solutions with you.  We have experience with hundreds of clients over the years and have seen, across the industry, what types of programs are most effective and can recommend some creative options to meet your goals. Because we are system-agnostic, we can recommend using our content in a variety of innovative ways to meet your true needs – although we are off-the-shelf, we certainly aren’t cookie-cutter when it comes to creating client programs.

We Are CMR

We are a team who is passionate about learning and development, and about helping others achieve their goals. We are creative, we are kind, we are helpful, and we are passionate about learning. We are CMR and we would love to meet you.

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