The day-to-day operations of oncology practices, hospitals, and integrated delivery networks (IDNs) have been disrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic. In recent months, your customers have had to change their workflows, technology, pathways, and clinical trial recruitment in response to the crisis.

For oncology sales representatives calling on these customers, all of these changes can be difficult to understand. Yet it is absolutely critical that your sales team comprehends these effects so they can adjust their selling strategies and offer better solutions that align to your customers’ current reality.

COVID’s Impact on Oncology

The pandemic has many oncology customers deeply concerned about the future — not only for their businesses but also for their patients. A recent study published in JCO Global Oncology found that 88% of oncology centers surveyed from around the globe have struggled in some ways to deliver care during the pandemic. What’s more, nearly half (46%) of centers reported that at least 10% of their patients have missed at least one chemotherapy session.

The pandemic’s financial impact on hospitals and oncology practices is also sobering. The American Hospital Association estimated that hospitals would lose at least $323 billion in 2020. At the same time, many oncology practices have experienced lower patient volumes, as reported by The Cancer Letter and Flatiron Health. If these volume trends continue, they could have a detrimental effect on oncologists’ financial health.

But keep in mind — these are just a few of the pandemic’s effects on customers that your team should know about. That’s why CMR Institute has developed a training eModule for sales reps on the Impact of COVID-19 on your oncology customers.

Selling with Empathy Can Help Sales Teams Connect with Oncologists

Helping your sales reps understand COVID’s impact on oncology isn’t the only training strategy you can employ to improve their success in the field. When oncology customers are struggling to deliver care to their patients, one of the best strategies your reps can use is to tap into their empathy. To help them understand and practice how to use empathy in their daily selling practices, CMR Institute has launched several resources, including:

  • Selling with Empathy eModule
  • Leading with Empathy eBrief
  • Communicating with Empathy application eModule

These off-the-shelf training resources have been designed with experts to help your oncology sales team frame their value proposition so they can cut through the noise and connect with customers on a deeper level.

Oncology Sales and Oncology Business Acumen Training

We can help your oncology sales team develop richer, more meaningful relationships with oncologists and hospital/IDN executives, during and after the pandemic. We offer a wide range of off-the-shelf training courses designed to enhance reps’ and account directors’ oncology business acumen. We also have several new resources in development on oncology clinical pathways and oncology utilization management strategies.

Reach out to us at (800) 328-2615 or at to discover how we can help your oncology sales team improve their relationships with oncology customers and enhance their performance.

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