September 19, 2016 | Blog

Newly Updated MACRA eModule

Update: Our “Understanding MACRA and its Impact on Physicians” eModule is now up-to-date with the 2018 MACRA Proposed Rule, which is CMS’s 2018 Updates to the Quality Payment Program (QPP).

Risk or value based payments are written into law and are here to stay.

The Medicare Access and CHIP Re-authorization Act of 2015 (MACRA) is radically changing how physicians receive payment from Medicare, the largest payer in the US.  MACRA is scheduled to go into effect January 1, 2016.  However CMS has recently accounted that they might delay the roll-out based on concerns form medical societies and physician groups.  Nevertheless, now is the time for your sales teams to stay up to date about these upcoming changes and what they could mean for their customers.

What is MACRA and why was it created?

The Key Goal of MACRA is to closely link physician payment to quality of care. MACRA merges existing value-based payment methodologies into a new, two-track system for physician payments based more on value and less on volume.  The government has also invited commercial health plans to follow suit, which may spur the continued growth of value-based purchasing strategies among private sector payers. CMR’s newest module explains the most relevant aspects of MACRA and how they affect physicians.  This module also describes value-based selling strategies in this changing environment and will prepare your sales team to:

Understand the key goals of MACRA and how it transforms Medicare payment for physicians.

  • Define the Merit-Based Incentive Payment System (MIPS).
  • Describe alternative payment models (APMs) under MACRA.
  • Understand the strategies that physicians are using to be successful under MACRA.
  • Identify opportunities for life science companies to deliver value to physicians during the MACRA transition.

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