What type of sales support do millennial physicians value, and how does that differ from the kind of support that older physicians expect from sales reps? What effect are value-based payment models having on primary care physicians and specialists? How has telemedicine transformed care delivery in the physician office? Beyond the desire to improve patient care, what truly motivates physicians? What strategies can help reps connect with difficult-to-see physicians?

These are just a few of the questions answered in Partnering with Physicians in Changing Times, CMR Institute’s updated suite of modules designed to give your sales team the practical knowledge they need to effectively call on physician practices.

Medical and Pharmaceutical Sales Training with a Physician Focus

Partnering with Physicians in Changing Times includes 10 updated sales training modules on the following topics:

  • Profile of the Physician Workforce
  • Nonphysician Clinicians
  • Key Issues Affecting Physician Practices
  • Healthcare as a Business
  • Today’s Primary Care Physicians
  • Today’s Specialists
  • Patient/Physician Interactions
  • Impact of the HIPAA Privacy Rule
  • Understanding Physicians through Relationship Selling
  • Identifying Partnering Opportunities

Together, these sales training resources provide a comprehensive look at your physician customers, including their chief business goals and challenges. Each module also includes a new set of reflection questions to help sales reps integrate some of their learnings into their daily selling strategies.

New Sales Training Resources to Improve Physician Relationships

In addition to these updated modules, CMR Institute has launched a brand new resource on Navigating a Physician Practice to help your reps make more meaningful connections with physicians, advanced practice providers, patient care coordinators, and practice managers — whether they are selling in-person or virtually.

CMR Institute also has created a new application tool on Engaging Your Physician Practice Customers to help prepare your sales team for common scenarios they may encounter in a physician office. The tool includes four scenarios with different customers and guides learners through reflections so they can offer value-based solutions to various call points in a practice.

Enhance Your Sales Training Curriculum

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