How We Help You

Our results-driven process will build on your learning foundation to create a custom program that achieves your intended outcomes. We analyze your needs to develop and implement a learning solution that fosters a culture of engaged learning and measures change.

Building Business Acumen For Market Access

Our client needed to quickly build their team’s business acumen around the changing marketplace and shift toward a value-driven approach.

Providing Relevant Training Beyond Sales

We help provide our clients with relevant professional development for payer and reimbursement teams, pricing and policy teams, and patient support teams.

Building The Bench Through Career Pathing

Our client had a need for a structured and robust career path program. They wanted to develop top talent in sales while providing continuous growth and advancement.

Creating A Continuous Learning Culture Through Role-Based Training

Our client needed a program that would train various roles, including non-commercial. They wanted to segment content by roles, competency and knowledge level.

Individualized Learning Based On Competencies, Gaps And Roles

Our client had a need to move from a one-size fits all career path to a competency-driven, individual approach that promoted continuous learning and one-on-one coaching.

Aligning The Sales And Marketing Teams Through Training

Our clients often need to train their marketing teams on the healthcare landscape to provide them the tools they need to create impactful marketing resources and materials.

How We Work WIth You

Needs Analysis

Our goal is to first understand your needs (yours and your learners) so we can design an efficient, effective, and measurable program.

Content Recommendations

Curated for you by role, tenure, competency and/or outcomes, our content truly makes a difference in learners’ client & peer relationships.

Implementation Process

Implementation requires a firm timeline, communication, application planning, and delivery readiness. We’re here to ensure a smooth, impactful launch.

ROI / Measurement & Program Refinement

Measurement should have elements that flow from design to implementation. Our team measures progress and adjusts for maximum effectiveness.

What Our Customers Say


of their learners reported that knowledge gained from CMR resources increased their ability to establish credible customer relationships.

Ready To Get Started?

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