Our training on the human body provides essential knowledge in anatomy & physiology, body chemistry, drug actions and interactions, pharmacokinetics and more so that sales teams can confidently make their clinical case.

Basic Principles of Drug Actions

This module introduces you to foundational concepts important to the study of pharmacology. It distinguishes between drug actions and drug effects and differentiates local from systemic action. You will learn how drugs act on a cellular level, and you will become acquainted with the common mechanisms by which they act.

Basic Principles of Drug Interactions

This module acquaints you with different types of drug interactions - those that affect pharmacokinetics, as well as specific interactions that involve antagonism, summation, synergism, or potentiation. Drugs can also interact with nondrug chemical substances.

Drug Response and Adverse Drug Reactions

This module discusses the factors that can influence an individual's response to a drug and addresses adverse drug reactions in the context of drug safety.


Pharmacokinetics is the study of the absorption, distribution, metabolism, and excretion of drugs by the body. These four processes influence a drug's action in the body. This module considers each process in turn. It also explains concepts that are central to understanding metrics used in pharmacokinetics. These include drug plasma concentrations, therapeutic window, and bioequivalence.

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