Human Body - Anatomy and Physiology

Our training on the human body provides essential knowledge in anatomy & physiology, body chemistry, drug actions and interactions, pharmacokinetics and more so that sales teams can confidently make their clinical case.

Basic Body Chemistry

This module defines homeostasis, explains its relationship to health and disease, and explores the most basic aspects of body chemistry.

Body Defenses

This module discusses the physical barriers and chemical defenses our bodies use to protect against invasions by microscopic organisms. It outlines the basic elements of an immune response and defines hypersensitivity.

Body Tissues

Tissues consist of organized populations of cells and the material between them. Within two months of conception, the two cells that unite to create a human being multiply and differentiate into the major types of tissue that comprise the human body. This module describes each of the major tissue types: epithelial tissue, connective tissue, and nervous tissue.

Cell Transport Mechanisms and Cell Regulation

This module looks at the makeup of the cytoplasmic membrane relative to the processes involved in transporting materials into and out of cells. An understanding of these transport mechanisms will help you appreciate how drugs are distributed throughout the body, as well as how cells contribute to the fight against disease. The module also introduces you to the concepts of cell regulation and cell signaling and explains their relevance to drug development.

Cellular Anatomy

This module acquaints you with the structures that make up cells.

Types of Pathology

This module discusses common types of pathology that can lead to ill health. They are often classically categorized as inflammation, injury, infection, neoplasia, and genetic disorders.

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