Oncology Business Acumen

Oncology Care Model eBrief

Cancer diagnoses make up some of the most common and devastating diseases in the United States, affecting more than 1.6 million people. The Oncology Care Model (OCM) has developed an opportunity to enhance the care of these people while reducing healthcare spending. In this eBrief, we�ll take a closer look at the most relevant information pertaining to the OCM, including:
� The purpose of the OCM
� Challenges in Developing the Model
� Questions account teams should consider regarding the OCM

Oncology Clinical Pathways eBrief 1: Understanding Clinical Pathways (COMING SOON)

This intermediate-level eBrief provides an advanced look at the increasingly important role of clinical pathways in oncology care, especially as more providers enter value-based payment models. It covers how both payers and providers use pathways to improve care quality and reduce costs.

Oncology Clinical Pathways eBrief 2: Developing Clinical Pathways (COMING SOON)

This intermediate-level eBrief provides an advanced look at how clinical pathways are developed. It covers the various stakeholders involved in developing pathways and what evidence they consider to be most important.

Oncology Clinical Pathways eBrief 3: Operationalizing Clinical Pathways (COMING SOON)

This intermediate-level eBrief provides an advanced look at how clinical pathways are operationalized by various stakeholders. It covers how payers and providers use electronic health records and analytics to promote greater adherence to pathways.

The Impact of COVID-19 on Your Oncology Customers (COMING SOON)

This interactive module highlights eight ways that COVID-19 has affected oncology practices, hospitals and integrated delivery networks (IDNs), and cancer patients. Specifically, it will present eight important impacts of the pandemic for sales teams to consider in their selling efforts.

The Oncology Care First Model Summary Module (COMING SOON)

This quick summary presents the most important facts about the OCF Model in a visual format. This includes graphic representations to answer the following questions:
- What are the goals of the Oncology Care First Model?
- How are oncologists paid for managing and administering drugs through the OCF model?
- Which quality measures are included in the OCF model?
- How are oncology practices preparing to participate in the OCF model?

The Oncology Care Model – Implications for Oncologists and the Industry

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services� Oncology Care Model (OCM) is transforming how oncologists are paid for providing services to Medicare patients. This module explains the most relevant aspects of OCM and how they affect oncologists. This module also describes value-based selling strategies for life science companies in this changing environment.

Utilization Management in Oncology Summaries Series (COMING SOON)

This series focuses on how payers use different methods to manage oncology drugs, from “softer” tools to more restrictive strategies. There will be a summary for each topic that includes a description of the tool, how it is used, and why sales forces should care.

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