Marketing and sales frequently work in tandem to ensure a product is successful and brings value in a cost and quality-focused environment. Our training provides perspective and insight into life science marketing.

Communication Strategies for Life Science Products

This module describes the methods used by marketing departments to implement their chosen marketing strategies.

Evolution of Biopharmaceutical Marketing

This module discusses the drivers for product development shifted from professional and academic concerns to commercial forces and marketing began to assume increased importance.

Implications of the Changing Marketplace on Promotional Activities

This module addresses the marketing shifts that occur in response to an ever-changing marketplace relative to managed care, legislation, purchasing decision-making, disease management, research, and technology.

Market Research in the Life Science Industry

This module discusses types of research methods and the various applications of market research.

Regulations Governing Life Science Marketing

This module discusses how advertising and promotional materials are regulated by the US and by international associations. Regulations and self-regulatory guidelines within the United States and abroad are then described.

The Marketing Department Staff and Environment

This module discusses the types of personnel involved in marketing activities, as well as the environment in which they work.

The Role of Marketing across the Product Life Cycle

This module describes key elements of the marketing mix and how marketers adapt their strategies across the product life cycle.

Trends in Life Science Marketing

This module describes current trends in Life Science marketing which include direct-to-consumer advertising, use of the Internet, the application of pharmacoeconomic data, and copromotion agreements. In light of this trend, larger manufacturers are carving out independent operating companies which can operate with more speed and flexibility than if they worked under the parent umbrella.

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