Disease State - Oncology

Our disease state training helps develop a deeper understanding of the disease, patient profile and related information so that sales teams can have effective clinical conversations about their products and services.

Adverse Effects of Cancer and Its Treatment

This module explores several adverse effects that are common in cancer and/or its treatment. These include fatigue, nausea and vomiting, nutritional problems, pain, breakdown of protective structures, and psychosocial and other quality of life concerns. It also looks at issues that are of concern during the terminal phase of cancer.

Diagnosis and Staging of Cancer

This module describes the procedures used to diagnose and stage various types of cancer. Advances in these techniques have made it possible to develop more effective treatment plans, which have improved survival rates and produced cures for some malignancies.

Epidemiology of Cancer

This module discusses key epidemiologic terms relative to cancer. These terms are incidence, prevalence, mortality, and survival. In addition, the module discusses trends in the occurrence of cancer.

Oncologic Complications

This module describes several of the more common complications associated with cancer or its treatment.

Pathophysiology of Cancer

This module describes the pathophysiology of cancer, that is, the physical and functional changes associated with cancerous growth. This includes the physical characteristics and growth patterns of cancer cells, as well as how tumors form and spread. These pathophysiologic principles can help us understand why cancer develops and how malignant tumors are classified.

Prevention and Early Detection of Cancer

This module discusses cancer prevention as it relates to several areas of risk and outlines the American Cancer Society (ACS) guidelines for cancer screening and early detection.

The Oncology Care Model – Implications for Oncologists and the Industry

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services’ Oncology Care Model (OCM) is transforming how oncologists are paid for providing services to Medicare patients. This module explains the most relevant aspects of OCM and how they affect oncologists. This module also describes value-based selling strategies for life science companies in this changing environment.

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