Learning leaders trust CMR. Learners love CMR’s training.

Don’t just take our word for it; see what they are saying.

Participation in the Career Ladders Program and Leadership Development Program have both provided me Managed Care and Healthcare Industry knowledge that has led to better conversations with the total office and allows me to offer solutions based on our products

Territory Sales Manager

We chose CMR based on their ability to manage a broad variety of content on a global basis: e-learning, administration, certificates, translations, different levels of interactivity, and service. CMR has helped us bringing the required knowledge to expected standards on which our leadership team has then further built upon or adapted other programs.

The program has been a success due to the expertise provided by CMR, regular communication, and their willingness to change when needed. CMR is different than other training providers due to their scale, scope, history, experience, professionalism, and desire to make us successful.

Global Performance Development Manager
Nestlé Nutrition

Turnkey options, exceptional response time, accredited and objective material.

Learning Leader

Quality content consistency over the years.

Learning Leader

My team has shown confidence in their sales calls that focus on Managed Care. For our team calls, TSM’s share learnings from self-paced CMR courses and how they can use information in the field.

District Sales Manager

As part of our training for our account managers who call on IDN’s, 10 CMR modules were required reading. We held several conference calls on the content and on more than one occasion, I had several account managers state that the insights were so insightful that they read the modules several times to ensure understanding.

I’ve been in health system account management for over eight years and your modules are the most impressive reads I’ve seen. My account managers have been in their roles for just over 6 months and they are light years ahead of where I was when I first started.

Keep up the great work.

Sr. Manager, NE & Mid-Atlantic Regions
Women’s Health Account Executive

CMR courses have given me valuable knowledge on the pharmaceutical industry as a whole through topic-specific presentations and assignments. There is so much that goes into the industry and living in it day to day doesn't always allow reps to see the bigger picture. The courses are very comprehensive and engaging. The information and tools I have learned has helped me become a valuable asset to my offices.

Territory Sales Manager

Content is well done and it is seen as a reputable source.

Learning Leader

They were the first vendor to capture the tangible information and skills necessary to sell in the new healthcare environment (i.e., what do you need to know about MIPS to update your value proposition for an individual MD, etc.)

Learning Leader

I was awarded the CMR designation early in my pharmaceutical career and have followed the CMR program through others that have participated over the years. CMR has helped shift the professional reach of our representatives by providing curriculum that both supported foundational elements as well as specialty certificates in the areas of Cardiovascular and Diabetes.

The program has been a success for us because we were able to incorporate it into our career advancement program which includes offering a stipend, company car updates, room upgrades, and sales meeting recognition to create involvement and excitement. CMR has provided us with superior content, testing, and support.

SVP, Medical Education and Sales Training

CMR had the most robust off-the-shelf offerings we could easily plug into our curriculum.

Learning Leader

The people who told me about CMR had wonderful success and I needed the same information that they had.