Summer Six Pack Of Learning – Week 4

Summer Six Pack Of Learning – Week 4

Need to shape your training up for summer? CMR has launched our Summer Six Pack of Learning! For six weeks, we will be releasing a free FULL learning module so that you can experience the different types of off-the-shelf learning we offer.

Triple Aim: Critical Objectives For Better Healthcare Models

Employers, government agencies, and consumers want to make sure that providers are delivering the highest quality care at the lowest cost possible. As a result, physicians, hospitals, and other providers are under tremendous pressure to move away from their traditional payment and delivery approaches, which are based on service volume, to newer, risk-based models that reward providers for value. Healthcare Sales Professionals must be valued partners, offering products and services that support their customers’ focus on value.

Key Learning Objective: Understand the concept of value in healthcare and how it closely relates to the IHI.

After Using This Tool, You’ll Be Able To:

  1. Understand the importance of reducing variation
  2. Understand the impact of controlling healthcare costs
  3. Understand the importance of the quality of care



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