Summer 6 Pack Of Learning – Week 3

Summer 6 Pack Of Learning – Week 3

Need to shape your training up for summer? CMR has launched our Summer Six Pack of Learning! For six weeks, we will be releasing a free FULL learning module so that you can experience the different types of off-the-shelf learning we offer.

Understanding Buy And Bill

Specialty sales requires a sophisticated, customer-driven approach implemented by competent sales professionals who understand the complexities of the specialty drug market. Yet many companies struggle with how best to prepare their specialty sales teams.

Key Learning Objective: Understand how specialty drugs and payments flow through the supply chain

After Using This Tool, You’ll Be Able To:

  1. Learn how a specialty drug can be reimbursed
  2. Understand how providers and distributors play a key role
  3. Understand how specialty pharmacies come into play



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