Summer 6 Pack Of Learning – Week 2

Summer 6 Pack Of Learning – Week 2

Need to shape your training up for summer? CMR has launched our Summer Six Pack of Learning! For six weeks, we will be releasing a free FULL learning module so that you can experience the different types of off-the-shelf learning we offer.

Strategies For Effective Account Management

Summer Six Pack | The Account Management Process Tool | CMR InstituteMost healthcare organizations aim to deliver quality, cost-effective healthcare to their customers. With CMR’s Account Management Tool, you’ll be able to profile, analyze, and set goals for current accounts that need a successful strategy.

Key Learning Objective: Create a strategy plan for key accounts

After Using This Tool, You’ll Be Able To:

  1. Profile accounts by developing a needs analysis
  2. Set account goals through SWOT Analysis
  3. Build a sample plan strategy



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