February 22, 2017 | Blog

New eModule: Selling in a Hospital Environment

Restructured reimbursement models… and other reasons to reshape your hospital sales strategies.

The buildings may look the same. Familiar names may be on the doors. But when your sales team next calls on a hospital, they’ll be walking into a whole new environment.

Coordinated patient care… value-based payment models… cost and outcomes metrics… financial penalties… “meaningful use” EHRs… population health management (PHM)…

These and other market forces are shifting how healthcare is delivered in today’s hospitals. And that’s changing how value is measured… how purchasing and formulary decisions are made… and who makes those decisions.

To succeed in that new environment, your teams will need new knowledge and new sales strategies.

Selling in a Hospital Environment provides vital, actionable knowledge for selling life-science products and services in today’s changing hospital environment. Topics include:

  • Impacts on hospital selling from coordinated care, the care continuum, and changing models of reimbursement.
  • How today’s hospital is structured and how departments are defined
  • Differentiating new titles and roles in the hospital setting
  • Strategies to maximize success when selling in a hospital environment

Prepare your teams with the resources they need to succeed in the rapidly changing market.

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