May 2, 2019 | Blog

SafeRx Act Requirements Updated

Pharmaceutical Compliance Training

Given the pace of change and the multiple channels through which we all acquire our information, we wanted to be sure that you and your compliance team are updated on a change made by the Washington DC Board of Pharmacy in regard to the DC SafeRx Act which requires the licensure of pharmaceutical representatives in their jurisdiction.

The SafeRx Act was revised to include 2 credits of mandatory continuing education on cultural competency or specialized clinical training focusing on patients or clients who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, gender nonconforming, queer, or question their sexual orientation or gender identity and expression (“LGBTQ”).

The next renewal period is coming up; the deadline for renewal is February 28, 2020; and the DC Board of Pharmacy has mandated that this additional 2 CEU requirement must be met by this deadline. 

In addition to our other approved SafeRx materials, CMR Institute has created and received approval for a course to meet this requirement:

Providing Affirming Healthcare to LGBTQ Communities

  • This course summarizes important LGBTQ terminology and concepts.
  • The course also provides information describing the specific needs of these populations, and describes ways to provide optimal healthcare to the LGBTQ populations.

Important SafeRx Links

If you have questions or wish to gain assistance with this important compliance area for representatives in DC, please reach out to our student services team at or 800.328.2615.



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