September 18, 2018 | Blog

Pharmacology Courses Cover Your Pharmacokinetics Training Needs and More

Bioequivalence. Therapeutic windows. Drug plasma concentrations.

All of these concepts are central to understanding and discussing pharmacokinetics, the study of how a drug moves through the human body. More specifically, pharmacokinetics covers how the body absorbs, distributes, metabolizes, and excretes a drug—all vital information for your customers.

Knowledge of pharmacokinetics is essential for sales professionals to have productive conversations about their products and build their credibility with physicians and pharmacists. To support your sales team in these efforts, CMR Institute recently updated its Pharmacokinetics training course as well as three other pharmacology training courses covering:

These four training courses—which can be completed individually or as a suite—can help sales professionals respond quickly and confidently in a variety of customer scenarios, such as when a physician or pharmacist:

  • Asks about a product’s mechanism of action
  • Questions how certain patients respond to a drug
  • Has concerns about potential adverse drug reactions
  • Needs more information on which drugs or nondrug substances may interact with your product
  • Wants to know how to detect signs of potential drug interactions

These comprehensive and engaging training courses break down the most relevant pharmacology fundamentals that your sales team needs to answer customer questions with greater certainty. Such training not only increases your sales team’s comprehension of key pharmacology concepts but also boosts their chances of success in the field as well as their value to physicians and pharmacists.

 Click here to learn more about how the pharmacokinetics and other pharmacology training courses can help your sales team engage customers in meaningful dialogues. Or contact us at to discover other resources to enhance your team’s knowledge and effectiveness in the field.


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