Pharmaceutical Leadership & Management Training

Leadership and management training is crucial in pharmaceutical and medical device and diagnostic organizations to develop productive, innovative, high-performing teams. It’s a highly regulated industry, so the need for leaders and managers to ensure compliance with regulations is critical.

We offer a comprehensive library of leadership and pharma management training eModules that help pharmaceutical and medical device leaders be always ready to inspire others, manage change, foster diversity, build relationships and develop productive and skilled teams.

Within our vast leadership and pharmaceutical management training library, we have various specialized content areas, including Foundations of Leadership and Management and Shaping Culture through Leadership.

Foundations of Leadership and Management

The Foundations of Leadership and Management training will allow new managers and emerging managers and leaders to help their teams respond and evolve well within this ever-changing life sciences industry. These resources will support any ongoing leadership development program or provide the foundation of a new program that CMR Institute can help define and support. It is comprised of eight eModules:

    1. Profile of Management and Leadership
    2. Theories and Principles of Leadership
    3. Decision Making as a Function of Leadership
    4. Effective Communication for Leaders
    5. How Leaders Solve Problems
    6. Project and Resource Management for Leaders
    7. Strategic Change Management for Leaders
    8. Leading with Empathy

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pharma management courses | pharmaceutical management course


Shaping Culture through Leadership

The Shaping Culture through Leadership training will help inform trainers and managers about coaching and supporting high performance professionals, DEI paradigms, and provides scenario-based training for recognizing bias and understanding the effects of implicit bias as well as examining their own biases to help create a more inclusive workplace. It is comprised of seven eModules and one eBrief:

    1. How Leaders Drive High Performance
    2. How Leaders Create a Coaching Culture
    3. How Leaders Optimize their Human Resources
    4. How Leaders Achieve a Diverse and Inclusive Workforce
    5. Self-Management for Leaders
    6. Uncovering and Addressing Implicit Bias in the Workplace
    7. Communicating with Empathy
    8. Selling with Empathy (Brief)

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pharma management courses | pharmaceutical management course



Various Leadership & Management Courses

We offer several specific eModules on recruitment, communication skills, conflict management, coaching, performance management, and more. Browse through eModules listed below alphabetically.

    1. Analyzing the Sales Situation
    2. Appraising Employee Performance
    3. Attracting Appropriate Candidates for Sales Roles
    4. Coaching Employees
    5. Coaching Remote Teams
    6. Collaborating Within and Beyond Your District
    7. Communicating with a Diverse Workforce
    8. Communicating Within Teams
    9. Conducting Team Meetings and Managing Conflict
    10. Creating and Implementing a Business Plan
    11. Developing Work Teams
    12. Facilitating District Meetings
    13. Forecasting for District Managers
    14. Hiring the Right Applicant
    15. Influencing Without Authority
    16. Leadership: The Most Important District Manager Competency
    17. Managing a Diverse and Inclusive Workforce
    18. Managing and Advocating Change in the Workplace
    19. Managing Dynamic Change at the District Level
    20. Managing Resources in Your District
    21. Motivating Employees
    22. Motivating Healthcare Sales Professionals
    23. Sales and Management Competencies
    24. Screening and Selecting Candidates for Sales Roles
    25. Setting Employee Goals and Objectives
    26. Strategies for Leading Remote Teams
    27. Supervising Employees
    28. Training, Coaching, and Mentoring Healthcare Sales Professionals

Our innovative off-the-shelf learning library empowers teams and leaders of pharmaceutical and medical device and diagnostic companies to create customizable learning pathways to meet their unique learning needs.

Our library is continually updated to reflect the latest developments impacting life sciences professionals. It saves learning and development leaders time and resources on curriculum updates.

Chat with us.  CMR training experts will help you explore our leadership and management eModules and create learning paths to support your pharmaceutical management training.


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