The COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically shifted the way business professionals present, communicate and learn. In addition to needing strong communication skills in face-to-face situations, today successful communicators must also understand how to communicate effectively online using virtual platforms.

These include ways to develop and work within the positive energy zone, tips on both standing and sitting when presenting online, movement on-screen and the use of gestures. The webinar shares some “acting for the camera” techniques that professional actors use to captivate, engage and hold an audience’s attention while presenting via virtual platforms. These techniques can be used to help receive and maintain an audience’s attention when presenting online.

Training professionals will benefit from enhancing their skills by learning to engage an audience, keep an audience’s attention for long periods, and have a participant remember their words over an extended period.

Watch the webinar recording to learn how to:

  • Master compelling non-verbal techniques to captivate customers, trainees and peers using virtual platforms.
  • Connect with your target audience by adopting “acting for the camera” techniques while using virtual platforms.

Watch The Webinar Recording

Meet The Presenter

Presenter Greg Justice is a nationally known workshop facilitator and executive coach who teaches others to use acting techniques to improve both live and virtual presentation and communication skills. Greg will coach webinar attendees through techniques used by professional actors that can be put into use in improving communication, engagement and knowledge retention.

Greg has presented workshops, been a key-note speaker, and trainer to corporations, business and service organizations, government agencies, universities, and civic groups for over 25 years. Tens of thousands of individuals have participated in his sessions. He has conducted presentations for Pfizer Pharmaceuticals, Lowe’s Home Improvement, Allstate Insurance, Merck Animal Health, State Farm Insurance, The U. S. Marshals Service, The National Cattleman’s Beef Association, Ingersoll Rand, Roche Diagnostics, and The American Society of Civil Engineers, just to name a few.

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