August 2, 2018 | Blog

Pain Management Training Modules Support Your Pharmaceutical Sales Strategies

Effective pain management is a top priority for your customers, who are increasingly challenged to meet their patients’ need for pain relief and keep pace with evolving pain management guidelines.

At the same time, your customers may have concerns about the potential misuse of opioid analgesics, given the rise of opioid abuse across the country, as well as possible limitations on prescribing from health systems, payers, and regulatory bodies.

Does your existing training content reflect the most up-to-date guidance on pain management? And is your sales team fully prepared to have more sophisticated conversations on these complex topics with physicians and other healthcare providers? If not, it’s time to enhance your training with current, research-based content that can give your sales team the knowledge they need to engage more confidently with customers.

CMR Institute recently tapped a pain management expert from its network of more than 200 subject matter experts to update its suite of nine pain management training courses using the latest industry research and guidance.

These updated eModules can help your pharmaceutical sales team:

  • Describe how the body perceives pain.
  • Distinguish among different types of pain.
  • Explain the concept of chronic pain.
  • Understand current pain management guidelines.
  • Describe how pain is assessed in specific patient populations, including those with cancer, arthritis, and recent surgery.
  • Explain the different classifications of opioids and identify agents in each class.
  • Describe nonpharmacologic and nontraditional pharmacotherapy options for pain management.
  • Understand the differences between drug tolerance, dependence, and addiction.
  • Explain how government agencies are responding to the opioid abuse epidemic.

These engaging training courses have been designed to include the most relevant content that your sales team needs to be successful in supporting physicians in their efforts to manage pain across their patient populations.

Click here to learn more about how these pain management training courses can enhance your pharmaceutical sales strategies with your most important customers. Or contact us at to find out how these updated eModules can fit into your broader training curriculum.

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