What Is Oncology Specific Business Acumen?

Oncology business acumen encompasses information about the dynamic oncology marketplace, including specific information about reimbursement and payer strategies like the oncology care model (OCM), clinical pathways and utilization management.

Why Does It Matter?

As the oncology market continues to expand and costs increase, payers and health systems are placing tighter restrictions on prescribing. Understanding mechanisms used to impact oncology product usage and reimbursement enables sales teams to understand the constraints of their customers, enabling more effective and more valuable customer engagement.

How Do I Integrate this Type of Training?

3 Easy Steps – Analyze, Evaluate, and Implement for Results

The Latest Oncology Business Acumen Topics

Here are some of the latest oncology related content:

The Oncology Care First Model Summary

The Impact of COVID-19 on Your Oncology Customers Interactive Module

Oncology Clinical Pathways eBrief 1: Understanding Clinical Pathways

Oncology Clinical Pathways eBrief 2: Developing Clinical Pathways

Oncology Clinical Pathways eBrief 3: Operationalizing Clinical Pathways

Oncology Utilization Management Summaries Series (8 different resources)

1. Analyze

First, use a tool like our Oncology Business Acumen checklist to see if your current training has gaps or may need to be supplemented to ensure your reps can speak knowledgeably to issues impacting their customers and can bring the solutions and value their customers need.

3. Implement for Results

Once you have reviewed and selected content, CMR’s account management team help you design and implement a roll-out plan. Our team can provide support including detailed reporting, marketing support, and learning pathway design.

Check out this recent case study that demonstrates the value this type of training brought to one organization.

2. Evaluate

Once you know what you need it’s time to evaluate options. Which topics are most important given your product and customer mix? What off-the-shelf training can you take advantage of to implement quickly and cost-effectively?

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What Our Clients Say

The innovative nature of the business of oncology curriculum is helping our reps move beyond clinical messaging to have more engagement with and bring more value to their oncology customers. This is especially important as oncology providers, their practices, and their patients, continue to feel the impact of COVID-19.

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