The factors that motivate physicians to change their prescribing behavior or device preferences are different from those that medical and pharmacy directors or supply chain executives consider when weighing the value of your drug or device.

That’s why we encourage life science trainers to tailor their training for each customer-facing sales role, recognizing that “one-size-fits-all” sales training approaches are likely to fall flat. This is true whether your company is planning a new product launch or selling established products or technology.

Customer Engagement Resources to Improve Sales Performance

Relationship-building with customers during the pandemic can be successful if your commercial sales teams truly understand what their different customers need, market by market. This requires a deeper level of pre-call planning as well as industry knowledge to get at the heart of each customer’s specific challenges and goals.

Commercial sales strategies are designed to optimize your messaging in the field, and your training strategies should be designed with the same intent — not to “check the box” on various competencies but rather to optimize your sales team’s effectiveness in a highly competitive market.

We have a variety of customer engagement resources that can help your pharmaceutical or medical device teams do this immediately. This includes ready-to-go resources on the following topics:

  • Customer Engagement Strategies — Finding Success in Today’s Market
  • Engaging Your Customers: Virtual Promotion Strategies that Work
  • Engaging Your Physician Practice Customers
  • Communicating with Empathy
  • Selling with Empathy
  • Communication Strategies: Targeting Providers
  • Crafting an Effective Written Message
  • Using Storytelling in Sales
  • Understanding Physicians Through Relationship Selling

These resources can help augment your current sales training curriculum or serve as the foundation of a customized, customer engagement certificate program designed to meet your company’s specific objectives.

Evidence-Based Medicine Training to Enhance Your Curriculum

Every day, healthcare providers are bombarded with data that they can use to inform their clinical decision-making. Evidence-based medicine (EBM) a systematic way for clinicians to use this data to make patient-centered care decisions. For sales representatives in the pharmaceutical and medical device industries, understanding evidence-based medicine is a must so they can position their product appropriately for each specific customer audience and each unique patient population.

To help your pharma or device reps integrate EBM into their targeted sales efforts, we offer a newly revised set of modules on Applications of Evidence-Based Medicine. These expert-designed training modules can help sales reps position themselves as informed and reliable resources — and help them gain access to hard-to-reach customers.

We also offer a wide range of off-the-shelf resources on evidence-based medicine and value-based selling covering topics such as:

  • Evidence-Based Medicine as a Sales Strategy
  • Effective Evidence-Based Medicine Oriented Sales Calls
  • Opportunities Behind the Clinicians’ Evidence-Based Medicine Challenges
  • Impact of Value-Based Healthcare on the Sales Environment
  • Industry Strategies to Meet the Customers’ Needs
  • Elevate Your Conversation Job Aids
  • Selling in a Value Conscious Environment

Sales Training Resources to Build a More Agile Workforce

The learning experts at CMR Institute can help every role on your pharma or medical device sales team deepen their industry knowledge and business acumen to improve market access. At CMR Institute, we have an extensive library of resources that are ready to use off the shelf or can be customized to help you enhance your sales team’s performance. Call us at (800) 328-2615 or email us at to learn how we can support your goals.