July 20, 2017 | Blog

Newly Updated Leadership eModules

Unequivocal Leadership is Key to Successfully Navigating Marketplace Changes

Last week, we began a conversation about the development of effective managers and strong leaders being a key factor in sustaining strategic success. And like many conversations, management and leadership are often discussed together as synergistic elements.

For the sake of this week’s discussion, it is essential to recognize the difference between management and leadership. Generally speaking, management is the direction of the business affairs of an organization. Leadership is the ability to embrace change and use it to inspire others and encourage innovation.

While each skill has a unique role, it is important to delve into leadership and examine its distinct function within today’s marketplace. Healthcare is evolving very quickly. The more change happens, the more leadership is needed to motivate others to embrace new organizational and marketplace strategies.

Successful teams and organizations do not wait for leaders to materialize. They actively seek those with potential and invest in their leadership development.

CMR’s newly updated Leadership eModules will prepare your emerging leaders to:

  • Recognize opportunities, mitigate challenges, and maximize productivity in the midst of change.
  • Inspire others to bridge the gap between “what is” and “what could be.”
  • Help others understand the organization’s vision, its advantages and the underlying strategy.
  • Increase performance through coaching, mentoring, and role-modeling.
  • Improve motivation and commitment through widely-used leadership models and theories.
  • Create and value a high-functioning climate of diversity.
  • Understand decision-making as a function of leadership especially in situations of ambiguity.
  • Encourage team members to positively contribute to strategic efforts in the marketplace.

Success begins with developing your emerging stars to lead effectively and dynamically. Contact us at to take a tour of our Leadership eModules and learn how CMR Institute can create a learning solution specifically designed for your team.

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