New Hire Training Needs for the Pharmaceutical Industry

A guide designed to provide you with ideas and inspiration for creating, augmenting, or updating your new hire training plan.

Save time and budget by curating new hires’ learning paths using our comprehensive library of always relevant, always updated content.

Get onboarding right

Design a new hire program that provides essential skills for success and quickly enables them to fulfill their roles and responsibilities.

Familiarize new hires with the industry

Teach them about the industry and marketplace, ethics and compliance, formularies, managed markets, and other topics vital to your organization’s success.

Develop business acumen and power skills

Design a program that provides the skills for new hires to engage with their customers and teams, helps them navigate their new environment, and drives results in their new role.

Answer the questions in the New Hire Training Tool to create your initial blueprint of a new hire training plan.

The guide helps you analyze training topics to map the required knowledge and skills for roles you are responsible for training. Work with our experts to build on this initial blueprint to create a custom new hire training plan for your organization.