June 29, 2017 | Blog

New eModule Suite: Managing Business Communication

Compelling Communication is Vital to Productive Interactions and Sustained Sales Success

Every sales professional understands that powerful communication skills are essential for continued success. To be able to effectively engage with your customers and their new decision makers, it is essential that your team is prepared to conduct deeper discussions, ask informative questions, handle objections, and reach a broader understanding of their marketplace.

By building and reinforcing your team’s communication proficiency, they will be ready to work together to reach team goals, to understand and influence their customer base, and to compete and succeed in an ever-changing marketplace.

Fostering a climate of communication begins with the knowledge gained by our newest eModule suite, Managing Business Communication. It will prepare your team to:

  • Master key elements of good communication including: synergy and the win/win approach, rapport: listening and understanding, being understood, timing and directness, emotional intelligence, and nonverbal communication.
  • Understand how to create compelling business messages and discern which method of communication would maximize the message’s effectiveness.
  • Explore how the communication process works and flows within organizations.
  • Identify common communication issues and consider the behaviors and interferences that can cause problems.
  • Understand how communication that is sensitive to workplace diversity can enhance an organization’s ability to work effectively in a global market.
  • Examine the steps to planning and conducting effective business meetings including the most useful follow-up tactics.
  • Create effective business presentations including the planning, organization, support, and delivery of key messages.

Use our Managing Business Communication eModule suite to boost the quality and effectiveness of your team’s discussions and customer interactions…for their continued success in today’s healthcare marketplace.

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Managing Business Communication eModule suite. One more reason why:

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