March 7, 2017 | Blog

New eModule: Navigating a Dermatology Practice

Calling on this specialist calls for a unique selling strategy.

What’s the biggest challenge your sales teams face?

Understanding the market challenges facing their clients—knowing your clients’ practices well enough to craft value propositions that speak to their needs.

That’s especially true with unique, rapidly-changing practices like dermatology.  Which is why CMR has added a new eModule to our resource library: Navigating a Dermatology Practice.

This new module outlines the dermatologist’s training requirements and distinguishes among the different types of dermatology practitioners. It details important aspects of their practice environment, including the challenges that surround prescribing and reimbursement. Most importantly, it lays the groundwork for developing successful sales strategies in the therapeutic area of dermatology. This module includes:

  • Educational and certification requirements for dermatologists.
  • The different types of dermatology practitioners, and the market challenges unique to each.
  • Key characteristics of the dermatology practice environment.
  • Strategies to maximize success when selling in a dermatology practice.

Help your teams understand your market’s changing needs—with convenient, engaging eLearning they can access anytime, anywhere from their laptop, iPad or Android device.

Give your sales teams the resources they need to deliver a strong value proposition and selling strategy to gain traction and keep pace with changes in the marketplace.

New content is continually added to our library of eModules so that we can help keep your sales teams stay abreast of the rapidly changing healthcare landscape.

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