In today’s complex multi-payer healthcare landscape, it’s challenging for patients to know the upfront costs of any given healthcare procedure, treatment, medication, or plan. Prices differ for insured versus uninsured patients, different types of insurance plans, discounts or rebates, cash versus installment payments, etc.

To empower life sciences sales and account management teams in this value-based environment, we have introduced the Price Transparency Legislation Fact Sheet eBriefIt provides insights into key federal and state initiatives that enhance healthcare cost transparency.

Key federal and state legislations cover transparency for hospitals, insurers, and the pharmaceutical industry. To demonstrate greater value in this competitive environment, sales and account management teams must understand five crucial federal acts and other state laws:

  1. Hospital Price Transparency Rule
  2. Transparency in Coverage Rule
  3. No Surprises Act
  4. Medicare Prescription Drug Inflation Rebate Program
  5. Medicaid Drug Rebate Program

The Price Transparency Legislation Fact Sheet eBrief is now a part of our Market Access: Value-Based Selling training library. Equip your teams with this valuable learning resource.

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