Omnichannel has evolved from traditional marketing efforts, most recently multichannel. Many life sciences companies are replacing their multichannel marketing with an omnichannel strategy to improve customer engagementmarket access, and sales.

Omnichannel vs Multichannel

Both multichannel and omnichannel marketing approaches involve companies engaging multiple stakeholders, such as physicians, payers, and patients, through multiple channels. However, their focus is different.

Generally, omnichannel marketing focuses on the customer, while multichannel marketing focuses on creating specific channels for each platform.

When it comes to building relationships and connecting with customers through personalized messaging, a customer-centric approach like omnichannel marketing is more effective. The focus on the channel, rather than the customer, is often seen as the main reason for the limited success of multichannel marketing.

Readiness for Supporting Omnichannel Marketing

Technology and data analytics play a crucial role in omnichannel marketing, which involves integrating digital marketing and commercial sales strategies. However, analytics are only as good as the quality of data fed into the system—and the commercial teams that are responsible for providing that data!

At CMR Institute, we have created a new eLearning module, “Omnichannel Marketing in the Life Sciences Industry,” to help life sciences companies prepare their commercial teams to support omnichannel marketing. It explains this evolving concept and describes how companies use omnichannel marketing to engage key customers, such as physicians, hospitals, payers, and patients.

All customer-facing professionals, including Sales Representatives, Account Managers, Medical Science Liaisons (MSLs), and Reimbursement Managers, should understand the concept of omnichannel marketing and have the necessary skills to engage key customers.

Although the specific roles and responsibilities of commercial teams in omnichannel marketing may differ from one company to another, engaging physicians remains essential.

With this new eModule, life sciences commercial teams will learn the following:

  1. Define omnichannel marketing and differentiate it from traditional multichannel marketing.
  2. Examine the goals of omnichannel marketing and how it aims to create an ideal customer experience.
  3. Illustrate how omnichannel marketing works to engage key customers, including physicians, hospitals, payers, and patients.

We are committed to keeping our content always updated and relevant; any new developments in the omnichannel marketing sphere will promptly be reflected in this module. Chat with our training experts to make it a part of your learning resources.

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