Genetics in Oncology, Precision Medicine and Patient Identification in Oncology, and Diagnostic Advances and Mutations in Oncology

Precision Medicine

An important aspect in the care and treatment landscape for cancer patients revolves around the adoption of precision medicine. This approach harnesses the potential of genomics and individualized therapies, while considering specific lifestyle and environmental influences, to customize cancer treatment strategies according to the distinct genetic composition of each patient.

Precision medicine introduces optimism and interventions for cancer patients. To assist in these advancements, pharmaceutical companies must equip their client-facing teams with expertise spanning from genetics to patient profiling, diagnostic biomarkers, and the knowledge and confidence to engage and cultivate relationships with stakeholders, such as healthcare professionals (HCPs) to Group Purchasing Organizations (GPOs), insurers, and hospital procurement departments.

To assist our training leader partners in closing these knowledge, skill, and confidence gaps, CMR Institute has launched three new eModules:

New Content

1. Genetics in Oncology

To understand how precision medicine concepts are applied in clinical oncology practice, this module reviews the fundamentals of human genetics, including the role of gene mutations in cancer development, types of cancer genes, and the way certain genetic information can be used in the treatment of cancer.

2. Precision Medicine and Patient Identification in Oncology

This module introduces and describes the concept of precision medicine and its application in oncology. It discusses how precision medicine continues to radically shift both diagnostic and treatment paradigms in oncology to focus on the molecular mechanisms of disease. To help illustrate how precision medicine concepts are applied in clinical practice, the module also reviews how clinicians determine if and when precision medicine approaches are appropriate for which patients, and guidance from expert panels on using molecular techniques and applying precision medicine concepts.

3. Diagnostic Advances and Mutations in Oncology

This module introduces and describes how genetic mutations and alterations at the molecular level can lead to cancer and how that knowledge about mutations is applied in precision medicine. To help you better understand the role of genetic and molecular diagnostic testing in oncology, this module also explores how genetic mutations can occur, and how that can help determine what kind of testing is conducted for which types of cancer. This module also describes recent diagnostic innovations that are helping change how cancer is diagnosed and treated, and provides sources for expert consensus guidance on applying advanced diagnostics in the management of cancer.

CMR’s Oncology Library

CMR maintains a robust library of learning content on oncology. Our Oncology: Treatment and Management training and Oncology Business Acumen training is widely used by pharmaceutical companies with oncology portfolios for training their teams. Our three new eModules—Genetics in OncologyPrecision Medicine and Patient Identification in Oncology, and Diagnostic Advances and Mutations in Oncology—add further depth to our oncology learning library.

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