August 9, 2017 | Blog

New Biosimilars eModules

What are biosimilars? How will they affect your customers?

The entry of biosimilars into the US marketplace is undoubtedly on the minds of many of your customers, as both a threat to revenue and an opportunity to generate new revenue and provide more affordable medicines to patients. No matter what role a customer plays in the healthcare landscape, the introduction of biosimilars will be a disrupter.

Understanding the biosimilar market is crucial to sustaining a successful relationship with your customers during this time of change. CMR Institute’s new eModule, The Entry of Biosimilars into the US Market, explains what biosimilars are and how they are developed. The module also discusses how customers view the emergence of biosimilars, including their expectations for how the products could affect healthcare costs in the US. The knowledge gained from this module will help your sales teams better understand this market, conduct deeper discussions, and continue to bring value to their customers.

 How can your sales teams continue to successfully serve their customers in the face of greater competition?  

The entry of biosimilars into the US market will likely create a more competitive environment that could affect market access. CMR Institute’s new eModule, Protecting Market Access as Biosimilars Emerge, will give your sales teams insight into strategies biopharmaceutical companies might use to protect market access. This eModule will prepare your sales teams to:

  • Have meaningful conversations about pricing, coverage, and payment of biosimilars in the US.
  • Successfully shift selling strategies as biosimilars become more prevalent.

There are still many uncertainties about how biosimilars will affect the US market and, in turn, affect your selling approach. Gain and maintain your competitive position in the marketplace by providing your teams with CMR Institute’s eModules and related application and pull through tools.

No matter what the specific training needs and goals, CMR Institute can assemble just the right blend of learning components to provide an expert, efficient, and scalable solution.

Contact us TODAY at to take a tour of our Biosimilars eModules and learn how our solutions can help your sales teams succeed in a competitive market.

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