The legislation affecting the healthcare industry is always evolving, especially when there is a change in administration.  For pharmaceutical training and sales leaders keeping abreast of the news, deciphering how it impacts their customers, and then updating/delivering pharmaceutical business acumen training and medical device business training to sales teams on these changes in a timely fashion is a daunting task.

When it comes to training, keeping content updated often falls second to creating new content related to products or sales process. Completing an extensive review and inventory of your content can help – identify content that is likely to be affected with this change in administration.  Identify where you have information on CMS rulings, government policies, Affordable Care Act, Medicare, price transparency, HIPAA, payment rules, etc. so that when changes are announced you have a game plan of what to update.

Trends To Watch

Pharmaceutical Related

  • Continued focus on the high-cost of drugs
  • Delayed preventive care and reduced numbers of prescriptions written
  • Growing preference for continued use of virtual selling
  • Prioritization of mental health
  • The need for customer engagement to maintain/grow business

Medical Device Related

  • Reduced number of elective procedures resulting in less devices used
  • Continued shift towards value-based care when dealing with organization device-related contracts
  • Growth of virtual-based appointments even among surgeons (outside patient related OR interactions)

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For CMR Institute, we do this work for our clients so they can focus on other priorities. Our extensive network of experienced writers, instructional designers, developers, and subject matter experts (including MDs, clinicians, healthcare executives and academic leaders from  academic medical centers and health systems), are poised to make those updates as news is released from the Capital so we can provide our clients with the most up-to-date and relevant content available. We also create new resources based on client requests, to help keep them competitive in today’s dynamic marketplace.

Our content updates are always provided to our clients free of charge and with no disruption to the learners, due to our cloud-based technology (either provided directly to your system or through ours).


“They were the first vendor to capture the tangible information and skills necessary to sell in the new healthcare environment.”


As a non-profit organization focused on advancing healthcare, we understand that these policy changes impact your customers and that having up-to-date content helps you increase your pharmaceutical sales effectiveness. When your sales team understands the nuances of how these shifts affect your customers’ business, can articulate that to the customer, and then offer a real solution to help your customer – that is a winning combination!

Over 400+ Learning Resources

We use our extensive library of over 400+ learning resources to help pharmaceutical and medical device companies in a variety of ways – from helping fill a specific gap (i.e. HIPAA compliance training), to providing role-based training (pharma new hire sales rep programs or medical device emerging leaders), to upskilling experienced learners (account managers) and more! If you have a training need, we are likely to have content that can help. Give us a call or send us an email ( to see how CMR Institute can be an extension of your team!

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