How effectively can your pharmaceutical sales reps pivot when they call on different customers in a physician practice? This agility is important not only for navigating the physician practice, but also for building more fruitful partnerships with customers.

Physicians, advanced practice providers, patient care coordinators, and practice managers have different concerns and different needs. To be effective in their sales roles, your reps need to quickly adjust their approaches on the fly so they can better relate to these customers. Otherwise, they could miss out on a major opportunity to highlight the benefits of your products and services.

Different Talking Points for Various Types of Customers

To help your pharmaceutical sales reps hone these important skills, CMR Institute has launched a brand new resource on Navigating a Physician Practice (view demo). The eLearning module, which was developed with experts, explains different practice structures as well as the key concerns of main call points in a practice. To make it even more practical, the sales training module also offers real-world guidance on developing effective talking points for each type of customer. Specifically, it helps sales reps understand how to sell to physicians, advanced practice providers, patient care coordinators, and practice managers in a way that is more compelling and focused.

This new sales training resource also includes helpful tips for sales reps to become valued partners to their physician practices, whether they are selling in-person or virtually.

New Application Tool to Prep Reps for Physician Office Calls

CMR Institute also has developed a new application tool on Engaging Your Physician Practice Customers (view demo) to help prepare your sales team for common scenarios they may encounter in a physician office. The tool includes four realistic scenarios with different customers — a physician, a nurse practitioner, a patient care coordinator, and an office manager — and guides learners through reflections to help them demonstrate value to customers.

Each scenario also includes a list of helpful tips for pharmaceutical sales reps to consider as they refine their talking points and adjust their approaches for various call points in a physician office.

Sales Training Resources, Ready When You Need Them

Beyond these two new resources, CMR Institute offers an extensive library of expert-developed, off-the-shelf sales training modules and tools to help your sales team better serve physician practices. Some of these resources include:

  • Key Issues Affecting Physician Practices
  • Understanding Physicians through Relationship Selling
  • Understanding MACRA and Its Impact on Physicians

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