Now more than ever you might feel the disconnect between your salespeople and their customers. Due to COVID, you are likely seeing reduced numbers of surgeries, limited access to decision makers, and the shift to virtual selling –making the need for value-driven solutions more important than ever.

If medical device salespeople are not providing a clear pathway to saving money or making money for their customers’ organization, even the best relationships cannot support sustained or increased sales initiatives.

Perhaps it’s time for a new approach

Medical device sales training can equip reps with the knowledge they need to not only benefit their company but ultimately the organizations and patients they serve. Often we are so busy training on product and sales strategy we forget to equip our reps with other skills they need to succeed – empathy, better customer and healthcare environment understanding, account management skills, etc. Completing a review and inventory of the resources you offer your reps to increase their business acumen can help.

This enables you to identify content areas that would help enhance conversations with customers and bring value to any customer-facing interaction. Once you take this inventory, you can answer the questions of “what is missing?” and  “what knowledge does the team need to positively impact  performance?”

Off-the-Shelf Sales Training to Improve Your Team’s Performance

At CMR Institute, we understand that medical device training needs are different. Sales goals are big and time is limited. How do you make a small investment in training and produce big results? Providing relevant, actionable, and quickly absorbed learning and practice opportunities for your sales and sales support teams can make a big impact.

CMR Institute has created 6 targeted medical device and diagnostic pathways that each target a specific business acumen skill that will increase sales effectiveness. Each pathway takes less than 2 hours and will equip your teams with the knowledge they need to succeed in 2021 and beyond.

Need other types of sales training? Our learning experts can help your sales team improve their business acumen and achieve better customer relationships. At CMR Institute, we have a library of resources ready to help you boost your team’s performance. Call us at (800) 328-2615 or email us at to find out how we can help you reach your goals.

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