The pandemic has left the US market even more fragmented, with commercial sales teams needing to adapt their strategies region by region, organization by organization, and customer by customer. That’s why it’s important to have a flexible market access training program for your pharma and medical device sales teams in place.

And as many customers continue to spend more time out of the office, reaching these individuals requires a hybrid selling approach combining face-to-face and virtual outreach. Mastering this type of strategic selling requires more training support than what your current curricula may offer.

Flexible Training for Sales Reps Designed for Your Needs

At the start of the pandemic, many learning and development leaders had to quickly integrate virtual selling resources into their sales training curricula. Now that some level of virtual selling remains in many markets, you can use the weeks and months ahead to craft a more strategic, agile, and proactive sales training strategy for this challenging environment.

We recommend charging your training team to look for gaps in your curricula for each customer-facing role. Assign each trainer a market access topic area (such as integrated delivery networks, physician offices, value-based care, etc.) and have them review your current courses for potential gaps. Consider these questions during your review:

  • Do you have resources that help pharmaceutical or medical device sales reps improve their business acumen and pre-call planning, based on customer data and the specific needs of their market or audience?
  • Does your training support pharmaceutical or medical device sales reps calling on customers who continue to advance value-based care models, or just those who remain in fee-for-service models?
  • Is your sales training designed so that it is truly relevant to every customer-facing role, from reps calling on physicians to account directors managing health system or payer relationships?
  • Does your sales training address population health management and health equity — two important avenues that can help sales reps start conversations with valued customers?
  • Is your sales training up-to-date on the latest trends affecting value-based care and the changing healthcare delivery model?

Off-the-Shelf Market Access Training to Enhance Your Curriculum

The learning experts at CMR Institute can help every role on your pharma or device sales team deepen their knowledge of trends affecting market access. At CMR Institute, we have an extensive library of expert-designed resources that are ready to use off the shelf or that can be customized to help you elevate your team’s performance. Call us at (800) 328-2615 or email us at to find out how we can help.