Market Access Training Planning Tool for Life Sciences Leaders

An interactive tool designed to help you reflect on your sales team’s needs and help them improve their market access skills.

Implementing a market access strategy requires a robust market access training plan to set up pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device sales team for success.

As a leader, it is your responsibility to deliver training that enables the sales team to have the necessary skills, insights, and knowledge to navigate the healthcare system and perform in this value-based selling environment.

Poor market access skills directly impact your company’s bottom line.

Take some time to think through your training needs using this tool and continue to see some recommended CMR modules to help you build your own Market Access Training Plan after completing it.

CMR has trained many thousands of learners with a comprehensive library of more than 300 microlearning courses. We understand market access training looks different for different organizations. Our content library has topics and resources to help you develop or improve your sales team’s market access skills and succeed in their jobs.

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