March 28, 2019 | Blog

Market Access – Are You Getting The Results You Need?

Market Access For Pharma And Medical Device Companies

The market access landscape for pharmaceutical and medical device companies continues to become more complex as decision makers evolve and payers exert greater influence on the market.

As new and sometimes more expensive drugs and technologies come to market, the need to justify your product in terms of cost, quality and outcomes has never been greater. New reimbursement models are drastically impacting how patient care is paid for and delivered.

Forward facing companies are responding to these challenges by integrating market access training throughout their organizations.

We’ve seen a trend towards market access being much more than a siloed role for commercial sales training teams. It is now considered essential knowledge for just about every customer-facing role. Sales teams must be able to speak to outcomes, reimbursement, clinical pathways and other areas and the level of training required will differ depending on the specific role within the organization.

In many cases, the target audience for your products may still be a group practice or hospital, but what if your physician customer belongs to an IDN or an ACO? You need more than a deep understanding of your product and disease state. Your teams also need an understanding of the key issues impacting physician practices and the payer landscape. Or if your target customer is an IDN or health system, are your commercial teams prepared to have conversations with C-suite executives or with value analysis and P&T committees?

Online Market Access Training Courses

Our customers come to us with complex challenges like, “how do we make sure that each customer-facing role gets the right training for their specific needs?” Or “how can we ensure that our sales teams can have value-based conversations with new decision makers?”

We know that a one size fits all approach is ineffective, so we work with our customers to design role-specific training programs that enable effective conversations that get results. Access and reimbursement challenges are real.

We are helping other clients overcome them through effective blended learning solutions and we’d love to help you too. If you want to take a “look under the hood” first to see what we’re all about, try our 14-day free course trial. We have a suite of market access eLearning courses that we’d love to share with you.

With this free trial, you will get access to “look inside” these popular titles:

  • Integrated Delivery Networks and Accountable Care Organizations
  • Partnering with Organized Providers
  • Measuring the Patient Experience The Connection to Quality
  • Micro Minutes: Transitioning to Value-Based Care
  • Thought Leader Insights: Payers, Providers, and Population Health



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