August 25, 2014 | Blog

Many At-Risk Patients May Fall Through the Cracks (#Pophealth)

Patients only spend about 1 percent of their time interacting with the healthcare system, and the rest of the time they are outside the system,” says Drew Harris, DPM, MPH, assistant professor and program director for health policy, Thomas Jefferson University School of Population Health. “We need to start thinking about ways that we can impact patients outside the system.”

For example, Duke University Health System is collaborating with public agencies to deliver health services to high-risk patients in public housing in Durham, NC. In addition, Methodist Le Bonheur Healthcare, a health system in Memphis, is collaborating with local churches to promote better health in poor communities.

When you’re reaching out to ACOs, it is important to ask how they dealing with socioeconomic determinants of health,” Harris says. “The smart providers recognize that these factors not only impact clinical outcomes, they can also impact the bottom line, now that we are moving to a system that rewards the value—not the volume—of services.”

This week, we will wrap up our recent exploration of Population Health Management with a link to our latest whitepaper, Five Facts Your Team Needs to Know about Population Health Management. Turn in later this week

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