August 1, 2016 | Blog

Managed Healthcare eModules Updated

Are you keeping up with the transforming healthcare industry?

Today’s managed healthcare organizations face the challenge of providing high-quality care while controlling costs and managing risk. The result is that new payers and payment models are changing the purchasing landscape.

managed care ss

To help your sales teams stay abreast of this new landscape, we have recently updated our Managed Healthcare eModules. You’ll find new, enhanced and expanded information about topics such as:

  • IDNs, ACOs, and value-based payment models
  • New decision makers (e.g., the C-suite and mid-level providers) and how they influence prescribing behavior
  • Payers, managed healthcare payment models and bundled payments
  • An expanded discussion on quality issues

Ivo Abraham, PhD, Professor of Pharmacy and Medicine, and Director of The Center for Health Outcomes and PharmacoEconomic Research (the Hope Center) at the University of Arizona, helped us develop this new material. Dr. Abraham is a member of our brain trust of industry experts who help ensure our material is relevant and actionable.

Do your sales teams have the information they need to position their products in this evolving landscape? CMR Institute learners do. Learn more HERE.

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