September 26, 2019 | Blog

Managed Care Checklist

Promoting Value To Customers

Managed care is often viewed by organizations as a means for ensuring high-quality, cost-conscious, patient-centric healthcare in which physicians and hospitals share in financial risk. In this type of environment, representatives must be able to promote their products in the context of value to the customer, most typically in terms of cost, quality and outcomes.

The Concept Of Managed Care

The concept of managed care has been around for decades, but today’s payer-focused environment requires a complete understanding of this complex topic. Managed care today encompasses many topic areas such as new payers and reimbursement models. A solid managed care curriculum is a critical part of your overall training strategy and one that will make a big impact as it relates to sales. 

Here at CMR we are constantly updating our content. You’ll always find new, enhanced and expanded information about topics such as:

  • IDNs, ACOs, and value-based payment models
  • New decision makers (e.g., the C-suite and mid-level providers) and how they influence prescribing behavior
  • Payers, managed healthcare payment models and bundled payments
  • An expanded discussion on quality issues

Download Our Managed Care Checklist

We know you might need various levels of managed care for different roles. We also realize you might need a place to start. The managed care training checklist provided here will lead you through key topics areas and associated content you’ll want to be sure to have at your fingertips when planning for today’s dynamic managed care environment. 

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