Adding Microlearning To Your Overall Strategy

In our last blog post, we talked about how instructional design is both a science and an art and how not all learning resources have to use the same instructional treatment. One of the ways CMR is combining solid instructional design principles and innovation is through our use of microlessons. Microlearning is all the rage right now – and rightly so.

It gives the learners what they crave – short, bite-sized pieces of learning that are easily accessible in today’s connected world. While microlearning really shines at providing just-in-time learning or learning reinforcement – it’s not meant to be used for everything. The challenge with microlessons is that if developed independently of each other, they can become difficult to manage and maintain. So instead of thinking “how can I turn my learning strategy into micro?” think more about “how do I add micro to my learning strategy?” CMR is here to help!

Let’s take a look at our suite of content around Managing People. These modules (topics like Coaching Employees and Managing and Advocating Change in the Workplace) are built around microlessons. Each lesson is short but the content is still curated together in a meaningful way so it makes sense and is easily accessible for the learner. Plus, there is a Case Study at the end of each, where the learner gets the chance to put all of the info together to make some decisions. This activity aids in learning transfer and pull through.

In the eLearning Guild digital eBook “Beyond the Next Button”, Clark Quinn says, “Learner control is a good thing, as long as they also have a way to follow the recommended path.”  That is what these modules do – they provide a recommended path for the learner but ultimately the learner has control over which lessons they want to take, in which order.

Design Features:

  • Lessons – The modules are built around microlessons which are each based on one learning objective.
    • Each lesson has a review question at the end.
    • Lessons can be completed in any order.
    • Each lesson has a progress meter so the learner can see how much of the lesson they have completed.
    • If the learner clicks back on a lesson, they will return to the last slide they were on in that lesson.
  • Notes – this new feature allows the learner to take notes and then email the notes to themselves. When the learner clicks the EXIT button, there is a reminder to send the notes to themselves if they haven’t done so already.  They could also email their notes to their supervisor or someone else at their organization.
  • “Putting It All Together” – This is a Case Study where the learner can apply the information they have learned in the module to a real scenario to aid in learning transfer and application.
  • Final Exam – Now easily accessible from the main menu and the learner can immediately see if they have attempted the exam and their score.
  • Navigation – These modules are designed to play beautifully on any device – learners can click the arrows or swipe to move on.

Content: Each lesson is made up of multiple “cards” that walk the learner through the content – each card is short, to keep the learner’s attention.

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