Meeting Enterprise-Wide Learning Needs through Collaboration, Curation and Custom Pathways

Each department within Bristol Myers Squibb has its own unique training needs, therefore, they often separately purchase training from numerous vendors. By transforming the CMR Institute and BMS partnership from a departmental-based contract to an enterprise-wide subscription, CMR cost-effectively provided needed market access training and company wide access to a library of over 400 training assets. These assets were used to create unique learning pathways to support each team’s competencies and unique delivery requirements.

The CMR Path To Solution

1. Provided: Effective and up-to-date market access training for sales teams.

2. Developed: NEW Telehealth module in response to COVID-19 pandemic.

3. Met: Stringent MLR requirements for content.

4. Accounted: For needs of teams with different competencies.

5. Integrated: With business-unit specific platforms in providing individualized learning pathways.

6. Delivered: Cost-effective, company-wide access to learning content.

Quotes From The Leaders

“[CMR] was one of the only vendors (during the height of the pandemic) that agreed to take on this work and build/develop in a short time frame. They partnered with us from the beginning and built a tremendous Telehealth learning module and Executive Summary on such an important topic at the time and still today. They were innovative, precise, timely and put the experts from their team to work on this project.”

“The partnership with CMR has been really superb. They helped map their content to fit in the structure of SOAR and link to the competencies. They worked on updating content where Legal/Compliance indicated it might be a risk, including the module exams. They make sure that they are sending us updates when they make changes to their modules.”