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LTEN 2016: The Most Important Things We Learned at This Year’s Conference

LTEN 2016 was an invigorating conference filled with wonderful, informative speakers and many opportunities to connect with inspiring colleagues. The kick off Monday evening was marked by connecting with old friends and making many new ones.


CMR’s LTEN Booth

Tuesday was a full day of learning and networking which began with an inspiring keynote from Mel Robbins, CNN commentator, leadership expert and author.


Advice from Mel Robbins: when you have a great idea, act to advance it within five seconds to sidestep risk aversion.

This was followed by our interactive panel session with Dr. Lindsay Jubelt, Medical Director of Population Health at Mount Sinai Health, Randolph Legg, VP, Sales, Boehringer-Ingelheim, and Michelle O’Connor, CEO and President of CMR Institute on Strategically Aligning Learning and Development with Customers’ Goals and a meet-and-greet back at the CMR booth.

image1 (8)

Dr. Lindsay Jubelt speaking on Aligning Learning and Development with Customers’ Goals

image2 (2)

Learning to identify common goals between field sales teams and their customers with Michelle O’Connor

The absolute highlight of our week came on Wednesday when we were honored as the winners of the LTEN Excellence Award in the Industry Partnership category, which recognizes content and service providers for their work in support of a client’s learning and development function within the past year. 

image1 (7)

Winners of the LTEN Industry Partnership Award

Since we won the award for our work on a leadership development program for a pharma company, we’d like to share our method with you. Use our free Online Training Planner tool to begin development of a training plan for your organization in minutes. Maximize your team’s success today with a training program that is tailored to your specific needs; contact CMR to complete the plan with our best practices.

Our Key Takeaways from LTEN:

  • Never underestimate the power of your network — nurture and grow it daily.
  • A successful customer engagement strategy is based on achieving mutual goals — ensure your training programs are role-based and aligned to your competencies.
  • Collaboration between sales, marketing, and training is essential to meet the changing needs of customers—as a trainer, ensure that you have a seat at the table.
  • Continuous learning=continuous success
  • Patients are at the heart of what we do each day — we are on a collective mission to save and improve lives.
  • Trainers need to be re-skilled to train a 50/50 approach: Balance product knowledge with value-based sales strategies, customer challenges, and the changing healthcare landscape to achieve market success.
  • If you don’t provide resources health systems find valuable, you lose the opportunity to engage.
  • Information is no longer a scarce resource — what is scarce is engagement, application, and retention.

We are already looking forward to LTEN 2017 and the new connections, learning, and innovation it will bring. For those of you who attended LTEN 2016, what was your biggest takeaway?

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