How We Help You

We help individuals like you stay ahead of your competition and help keep you up-to-date on the healthcare landscape. We help bring value to your team, advance your skills to improve your resume, and meet specific state licensure requirements as needed.


Mini-qualification courses to help you demonstrate the skills, knowledge, and experience in a given subject area, competency or capability.

Pharmaceutical Readiness Training Program

A Certificate program for those who are building their resume and improving their skills and knowledge to prepare for a career in the pharmaceutical industry.

Bridging A Gap

Over 350+ resources to help close the learning gap on a specific topic, meet  professional development needs, increase credibility and build better relationships with customers.

Earn AMR OR ASM Credentials

Develop your personalized training framework with these programs that help build upon your knowledge and advance your recognition and status.

SafeRx Renewal Requirements

Pharmaceutical compliance courses to help sales professionals (in the DC area) meet the SafeRx Act continuing education requirements.

Chicago Licensure Renewal Requirements

Pharmaceutical compliance courses for those who need to meet the annual licensure and continuing education requirements mandated by Chicago.

What Our Learners Say

CMR’s modules were very beneficial to me becoming a true resource for my customers. They took a quick 30 minutes to complete, so they were a great way to end my day.

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