Jacky Lancio

Director of Client Development

With over two decades of experience in the life sciences service vendor space, Jacky has a proven track record for creating, nurturing and growing customer relationships. Her enthusiasm and reliability, combined with her working knowledge of a complicated healthcare industry, have been as asset to her client partners above and beyond “the sale.”

Having worked for companies specializing in multiple types of commercialization solutions, she has a history of managing client portfolios in a variety of roles, including account management, learning and performance, and consultative business development. Her experience is not limited to pharmaceutical manufacturers, but also spans consultancies, health plans and PBMs.

Jacky has supported clients with products in all phases from pre-launch to maturation and has been integral in helping brand teams understand overall access dynamics, including pinpointing barriers and developing and deploying effective strategies to overcome them. She was a regular attendee at client conferences, presenting at regional and national sales meetings and was a valued, trusted partner to many of the industry’s mid-tier manufacturers.

She is fueled by a passion to bring solutions to the table to help clients feel empowered, while solving day-to-day business challenges and ultimately having a little fun doing it!

Jacky is recognized as a responsive, trusted, capable and creative collaborator by clients and colleagues alike.