Why Promoting Interoperability Matters To Your Sales Team


March 13, 2019 | Blog

Why Promoting Interoperability Matters To Your Sales Team

For years, your customers were incentivized to adopt electronic health records (EHRs) as part of the government’s Meaningful Use (MU) program. For most hospitals and physician practices, moving from paper to digital was challenging, causing workflow disruptions and requiring considerable IT investment. Now, more change is on the way.

Recently, the government renamed the MU program to reflect its new focus: Promoting Interoperability (PI). Like the MU program, providers participating in the PI program either receive an incentive payment or are given a payment adjustment (basically, a penalty). In the PI program for Medicare, the penalty translates to a 1% reduction in payments for each year that providers fail to meet the requirements, up to a maximum of a 5% decrease. That’s enough to get providers’ attention.

The PI program requirements also affect physicians participating in one of two payment tracks created under MACRA, the Merit-based Incentive Payment System (MIPS). Physicians participating in MIPS are scored according to several PI program metrics. Sales teams should understand the new performance measures, which place a strong emphasis on promoting the exchange of health information between providers and patients. The new metrics also include two measures related to the e-prescribing of opioids.

Keeping Up-To-Date On Interoperability

To reflect these changes, CMR Institute has updated several of its blended elearning courses across a broad array of categories. The updated titles include:
• Understanding MACRA and Its Impact on Physicians (eLearning course)
• Understanding How MACRA Will Impact Your Business (job aid)
• Healthcare as a Business (eLearning course)
• Key Issues Affecting Physician Practices (eLearning course)
• Concepts of Disease Management (eLearning course)
• Monitoring Patient Data in Disease Management (eLearning course)
• History and Definition of Evidence-Based Medicine (eLearning course)
• Hospital and Managed Care Formularies (eLearning course)
• Role of Clinicians and Pharmacists in Managing the Pharmacy Benefit (eLearning course)

By having a better understanding of how—and why—your customers are trying to promote interoperability, your sales teams can offer more meaningful solutions. Learn how these courses can keep your training content up-to-date. Or contact us at solutions@cmrinstitute.org to learn more.

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