January 1, 2018 | Blog

Instructional Design – is it art or science?

Designing an effective learning program for sales teams is like planning a trip. You know the learners’ final destination—specifically, the knowledge, skills, or abilities they need to be successful in a dynamic selling environment—but what’s the best way to get them there? In other words, what combination of activities will help them reach their targets the most efficiently and effectively?

Just like all road trips don’t take the same route, not all learning resources have to have the same design or deserve the same instructional treatment. At CMR, we spend a lot of time determining the most effective ways to present complex content to learners, so they can retain it and use their knowledge to elevate their conversations with customers. Sometimes this means having learners apply new knowledge to make decisions in a case study or answer a series of questions to design an account management plan, or even listen to a timely podcast from an industry leader. Our team also breaks down content into smaller “microlessons”—such as our Micro Minute collections and Thought Leader Insights eLearning courses—so it’s easier for sales professionals to digest. When you partner with CMR, be assured that the content is designed with a mix of solid instructional design principles, creativity, and innovation—as well as the expertise of our extensive network of subject matter experts.

At CMR, we understand that learning strategies are not one size fits all, and our seasoned team of account managers and learning strategists can help design a training program specifically for your organization based on your roles, your competencies, and your learners’ experience levels.

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