Ready To Improve Business Acumen?

The importance of business acumen training has never been clearer. Blink, and the ever-transforming healthcare landscape changes, right along with the need to ensure your customer-facing teams are prepared to respond to these changes.

In this 30-minute webinar, Michelle O’Connor of CMR and Eimear Kivlighn of AstraZeneca will take a closer look at what’s trending in healthcare and how a role-based business acumen training plan can help you and your company see impactful results.

During this session, you’ll learn:

  • 5 Trends in the healthcare landscape for 2020 and what they mean for business acumen training.
  • How a strong business acumen training program can help improve market access.
  • How AstraZeneca views business acumen training and how their role-based training programs are achieving results.

Meet The Panelists

Eimear Kivlighn, BSc, MEd

Eimear Kivlighn leads the Business of Oncology Training within the Oncology Training Department at AstraZeneca. In her role she is responsible for delivering Business of Oncology training to the Oncology Business Unit. With the ever changing, and increasingly complex world of oncology – competency regarding the business of oncology and it’s ever evolving landscape is critical to the success of all Teams. Over the past 2 years she has built out a comprehensive curriculum covering all aspects of the oncology landscape from distribution and payment models to oncology practice and emerging trends.

Michelle O'Connor, MEd, CMR

Michelle O’Connor is President and CEO of CMR Institute. For the last 20+ years her work has focused on ensuring the Institute’s ability to provide relevant and impactful training needed in a rapidly evolving healthcare market. From new hire, leadership, sales, market access, to managed markets, Michelle ensures that CMR Institute creates resources that improve the performance and effectiveness of commercial sales teams. Michelle has a strong interest in and passion for working with organizations to develop and implement innovative learning and development initiatives that increase performance and ROI.

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